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746 - Rare and Large Smiths Industrial Wall Clock

746 - Rare and Large Smiths Industrial Wall Clock


60.5cm Dia x 13cm Deep

  • Rare and Large Smiths Industrial Wall Clock.

    Smiths was the largest English clock company making domestic clocks, factory clocks for industry.

    This 24inch (60.5cm) metal cased example rarely turns up and is likely to have been in possibly an airforce location
    because the original paintwork is the colour of the 1950's uniform (Blue/Grey).

    If had been in a factory the dial would most likely be discoloured but this dial is in excellent condition with bold
    black Arabic numbers on a white metal background.

    The clock would have had an electric motor which we have removed and replaced with a modern quartz to guarantee
    perfect timing with a simple AA battery (included).

    Electric motors from this time are not generally servicable and mainly only interest collectors.
    A superb example of one of Smiths iconic wall clocks in fabulous condition.

    60.5cm Dia x 13cm deep

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