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745 - A New Twist On An Antique Clock.

745 - A New Twist On An Antique Clock.


H 213cm x W 52.5cm

  • 745 - A New Twist On An Antique Clock.

    Here we have an antique clock that has moved with the times.
    This is a Scottish longcase (Grandfather) clock that has been painted in a beautiful duck egg blue (slightly distressed) with its  fully restored 19th century iron dial
    showing the original clockmakers name Robert McAdam of Dumfries.
    He was a known clockmaker listed in G.H Baillie's 'Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World' book as working in Dumfries in the west of Scotland between 1820 and 1845.
    Look at the photos of the dial to see the condition after we have restored it professionally.
    The old clockwork mechanism would have been expensive to have repaired and not everybody wants to be bothered with winding a Grandfather clock up every week.
    We have chosen to fit a modern quartz mechanism to the traditional style hands so the clock will run for more that a year without having to replace the 'AA' battery that it runs on.
    You are therefore guaranteed perfect timing!
    This must surely be an attractive item in the home that has traditional styling with a modern twist. You're not likely to find another one on the market like this as this is our idea to have
    bought an antique clock from the Victorian era up to date.
    If you have any question don't hesitate to ask.

    H 213cm x W 52.5cm x D 26.5cm. The dial itself is H 43.7cm x 30.9cm.

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