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741 - Art Deco French Turret Clock Dial (Working)

741 - Art Deco French Turret Clock Dial (Working)

122cm Dia.
  • Art Deco French Turret Clock Dial (Working)

    I bought this large clock face back from the South of France because it is pure Art deco in style eg the numbers and the early plastic dial with the name Poitevin from Ales, a location north of Montpellier.
    The black Roman numerals have been individually laid onto the clock face as has the name and location.
    There is a part of the dial at the top which shows some damage and of course it could be restored with the appropiate coloured paint but I would be prepared to treat it as a sign of its long life!
    A further unique feature of this clock dial with its metal rim is that we have made a pair of lightweight hands and fitted them to a heavy duty quartz movement so that the clock now works without its original massive mechanical wheels etc.
    We think we are the only people making replica hands like this and sutibly weighting them with lead to balance out before fitting them to the heavy duty quartz movement that runs on a simple AA battery.
    When the battery needs replacing there is no need to lift the clock off of the wall and its purpose made heavy duty hanger as we have made a small metal box attached to the front of the dial into which the quartz movement can easily be lifted in and out!
    Because of its size it will need collecting from London, Wandsworth SW17.
    PS. It just occurs to me that you could put a ring of LED lights around the inside of the metal frame which would light up the dial since it is not opaque.
    122cm Dia.
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