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727 - Paperweight Desk Clock

727 - Paperweight Desk Clock


14cm Dia x 5.5cm Deep

  • Paperweight Desk Clock

    The embossed steel case reads E.Dent and Co, 61 Strand, London. This case had nothing in it when I found it but I knew that Dents as a
    company were famous and made Big Ben. They were bombed out in 1741 although the name is still used today e.g The impresive wall clock at Kings Cross station
    is also by Dent.
    I have fitted a 1930's dial and hands to a modern quartz movement, concealed at the back, to make this a grat paperweight clock to have on a desk or on display.
    It could also hang with the right screw.
    I love these mixed clocks combining the antique and the modern.
    Clearly a 'one off'.

    14cm Dia x 5.5cm Deep

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