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700 - Large Industrial Pragatron Railway Wall Clock

700 - Large Industrial Pragatron Railway Wall Clock


78cm Dia x 3cm deep

  • Large Industrial Pragatron Railway Wall Clock

    Very few glass dial retro railway clocks have survived. 
    This is a perfect example of a mid century modern glass dial which would have been lit up on a station platform in the old Czechoslovakia.
    Probably it would have been double-sided.

    The really distinctive hour hand suggests it was made by Pragatron, known for their factory and railway clocks throughout Czechoslovakia before the fall of the Berlin wall and the liberalization of Eastern Europe.
    The baton numerals were first pioneered on clocks by the Bauhaus movement originating in Germany in the 1930's.
    We have made the wooden surround and it could easily be illuminated with a string of LED's around the circumference.

    We fitted a heavy duty German quartz movement so its guaranteed to give perfect timing.
    It requires a large space to show it off to best effect and is sure to become a focal point.

    Because of its fragility we cannot post it out but suggest the buyer uses a courier or collects themselves.

    I'm offering it a very keen price to help anybody who organises a courier.

    78cm Dia x 3cm deep

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