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669-French Enamel Dial Wall Clock

669-French Enamel Dial Wall Clock

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    This is a 19th Century French dial from a Comtoise mechanical clock that would have fitted into a tall wooden clock case. These clocks were found in many farm houses in France that had high ceilings. Occasionally when searching for antique clocks in France I find these clock dials now on their own and if they are in good condition, i.e. the white Enamel dial not cracked, I buy them to fit them up with a quartz mechanism and traditional hands turning them into a very decorative hanging wall clock. The pictures show the name and place the clock came from originally (Gaillard, Praissas). The casing is of pressed brass showing what looks like a familiar classical scene. A charming clock.

    Size: H46cm x W27.5 

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