371-Early 19th Century English Antique Dial (Working)

371-Early 19th Century English Antique Dial (Working)



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    19th Century English Grandfather clock dial fitted with a quartz movement to become a real clock again, not just a pretty dial.

  • Late 18th Century Longcase Dial (Working)

    This is a very fine example of a first period painted dial found on a 30hr longcase clock. The fact that it has the strawberry motif in the corners and outer Arabic numbers as well as the main Roman numerals sets the date around or just before 1800. Its an 11 inch square dial.
    These dials rarely come up on their own and the country clocks which they normally appear on would have had Oak, Pine or possibly Mahogany cases.
    There is the outline of the clockmakers name and it would appear he was from Brighton, the wording of which is just about visible above the centre.
    This dial, of over 200 years has been bought up to date as we have fitted a new modern quartz movement to the back and attached them to a traditional style of antique clock hands. You now have guaranteed perfect timing.
    Easy to hang on the wall or position on a shelf.

    H28.5cm x W 28.5cm x D 2cm.