186-English Clockmaker's Regulator

Size: Length 1.50m, width at widest point 50cm, depth 25cm
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    A fine 19th Century Clockmaker's domestic regulator by Edward Blurton of Stourbridge near Birmingham. He is listed in Brian Loomes's "Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World", volume 2, as working in the second half of the 19th Century. The clock mechanism unlike regular longcases or wall clock has a dead beat escapement and maintaining power for extreme accuracy needed by the clockmaker to regulate all the clocks he had in his workshop. This would have been his own clock, in which he would have taken professional pride and as such these self-made clocks are scarce and sought after. The quality of the mahogany case is outstanding. The glass front and sides allow visibility of the brass weight, as it descends, and the swing of the pendulum with its extra large brass bob. Even the inside of the case uses choice veneers to match those on the outside. The condition of the clock is exceptional denoting that it has been well cared for over its lifetime of 150 years and it is original in all material effects.

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