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131- Impressively Large Clock Face

131- Impressively Large Clock Face


Size: 1.50m diameter

Hire Price: £190

  • Impressively Large Clock Face

    The beauty of this stunning dial is not just its size which makes a great impact on the wall but that it has a wonderful aged surface.
    The distressed white/ grey finsh to the acyrillic dial would make it compliment any shabby chic decor.

    We have made hands to fit the dial and made a special fitment to mount onto the heavy duty quartz movement to drive these extra long hands. This is
    a procedure we are pretty certain noboby else has mastered how to do on a large clock like this.
    Its therefore not just decorative but also a perfect timekeeper.

    Perfect for a large space.

    This really is a unique item that would immediatly draw attention in an antique shop or suitably large space in a private residence.

    The photo of the back of the clock shows it uncleaned, but we can clean it up if necessary.

    Because of its size it will require collecting from London Wandsworth SW17.

    150cm Dia



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