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If you’re an interior designer, architect or member of the public looking for a clock that will make a statement this website should give you plenty to choose from.


If you're a props buyer working in film, TV, theatre, advertising or fashion, and need a special clock then please contact us, as we probably have the largest collection of vintage clocks in the UK.

Feel free to enter your email address below to be kept informed of any exciting new finds and when we will be exhibiting.


Roger Lascelles has spent the past 35 years building a collection of vintage and antique clocks that is second to none.

He maintains a collection of over 500 clocks, ranging from antique grandfather clocks to large external turret dials, from Bakerlite mantels to old French enamels.


Roger still frequents antique markets and auction houses at home and abroad and with the help of a small team of skilled craftsmen, enjoys reviving an old electric clock that has seen better days, into a fully functional clock using a modern quartz movement, while still maintaining the charm and character of the original.

Buying and selling clocks for over 35 years, we think we have the most interesting collection of clocks in London... take a look!


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